The Secret

“Once upon a time, someone told me the Secret.
And that Secret was ‘Lilliput & Felix’”

Lilliput & Felix is a sustainable, luxury swim and beachwear brand that creates beautifully high-end pieces with a luxurious, structured feel and a sense of romantic nostalgia. Merging classic and contemporary influences and styles, the swimwear is carefully cut into unique shapes to enhance and flatter the female form in all its wonderful permutations. The designs focus on 'multi-tie' shapes that can be tied to fit every figure and celebrate the individual. Formally launched in 2014, the lifestyle brand is based and designed in London and is worn by #LFmuses the world over. The Asia headquarters launched in Singapore in 2017

- Beautiful quality
- Considered and flattering 'multi-tie' shapes
- Timeless and unique design

- Lilliput & Felix has been awarded with Positive Luxury’s prestigious Butterfly Mark for our commitment to social and environmental sustainability.
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Lilliput & Felix women are confident dreamers, aesthetes and travellers for whom style and elegance is a way of being; chic international voyagers who feel at home on any beach, yacht or poolside, but never lose their innate sense of playfulness or their love of life. The L&F woman doesn’t seek to be the centre of attention, but she turns heads wherever she globetrots; enjoying life to the full in all its beauty, the world is her playground and effortless style is a given.